Place an order for the IDrive BMR Express device

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Order an IDrive BMR Express device. 


Place an order for the Express device and transfer bulk data from the BMR device to your cloud account.

Place an order for the IDrive BMR Express device

Fill out the online shipment form to place an order for the BMR Express device. Our team will contact you and provide a quote if required after the order is placed.

To place an order,

  1. Go to and sign in with your BMR cloud account credentials.
  2. Go to 'IDrive BMR Express' > ‘Express Backup’.
  3. Select data volume from the 'Size of data to be transferred' drop-down.
  4. In case you need to transfer more than 20 TB of data, specify the exact size of data in the 'Special Request / Comments' field.
  5. Provide contact information and shipping details where you wish to receive the device.
  6. Read the shipment agreement and select the checkbox below to accept the terms.
  7. Click 'Place An Order'.

What next?

On receiving your request, our team will provide you with a quote, based on your requirements, if necessary. Upon confirming your order, the device will be shipped to you. 

You will also receive the necessary accessories, instructions to upload data onto the device, and a two-way return label. On receiving the device from you, we will transfer the data to your cloud account.

The time taken for the entire process is dependent on the time required to transfer data from the BMR device to the Express device, and from the Express device to the cloud.

Note: This service is available only within the USA and is free once per year. All subsequent requests will be charged.

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