Perform a manual cleanup of local storage

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Manually delete old and incomplete physical and VMware-machine backups to free up storage space. 


The manual cleanup operation is for performing an immediate cleanup of the local storage space. To view this option, go to 'Statistics' > 'System Health' > ‘Storage Volume Usage’.

Perform manual cleanup

Select ‘All’, ‘Physical Machine’, or ‘VMware’ from the drop-down list and click 'Cleanup’ and ‘Confirm’ to perform a manual cleanup of older and incomplete backups. The manual cleanup will delete incomplete and old backups based on your configured global soft filesystem quota and backup retention settings

  • The cleanup operation will attempt to delete older backups depending on your backup retention settings.
  • The manual cleanup is performed only for physical and VMware-machine backups. The old backups of BMR NAS are cleared from storage as per the snapshot retention settings configured for the particular NAS or iSCSI share. 
  • In the case of physical machines, only 30% of the data falling within the backup retention settings will be considered for cleanup.
  • The web access will be unavailable until the cleanup operation is complete.

Schedule cleanup

You can schedule the cleanup of old and incomplete backups in the 'Cleanup time window' section of Global Server Settings.

Troubleshoot: I’ve been redirected to the cleanup window

When the local storage utilization on your BMR device exceeds your global soft filesystem quota, all the backup and restore operations will be temporarily suspended to prevent the storage from filling up further. Click 'Cleanup Now' to run a local storage cleanup.


Note: If the cleanup does not effectively reduce storage below the specified global soft filesystem quota, you will again be directed to this page. Reduce the retention settings further and reattempt cleanup to reinstate normal operations.