Configure cloud data retention settings

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Optimize your cloud storage space by setting the time frame for retaining your backups on the cloud.


To view your cloud retention policy, sign in to your IDrive BMR account via and in the ‘Cloud Retention Policy’ section, click on ‘Manage Policy Settings’. This is not accessible via the local-network accessed BMR Dashboard.

Configure cloud retention settings

Define the cloud retention value in days, months, years, or choose to retain backup forever and click ‘Apply’. You can assign different values for incremental and full backups to further manage how you store backups on the cloud. If you select ‘Retained Forever’, IDrive will continue retaining all backups on the cloud until they are manually removed by the user.


Note: The cloud retention settings specified by you will apply to all your machines. You cannot specify the retention time for individual devices.

Cloud storage limit

We provide tools to configure the cloud retention policy and delete data from the cloud to help you manage your cloud storage space. Exceeding your cloud storage limit may incur overage charges depending on the type of account you have. The overage charge rate for all BMR accounts is $0.10/GB/month.

Users may upgrade the storage of their accounts at any time. This may assist in avoiding overage charges. Contact our support team or your BMR sales representative for assistance. Upgrades may involve additional charges.


View deletion logs of physical machines and VMware servers

To view deletion logs of all your physical machines and VMware servers, click ‘View Logs’ in the ‘Cloud Retention Policy’ section..