Manage share access and users for a NAS share on BMR

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Learn to manage the access permission and protocols of your NAS shares on the BMR server. Also, find out how to add and manage users for private NAS shares.

Note: The information given below applies to NAS shares only. For access control settings for iSCSI shares refer to Create and backup an iSCSI share with IDrive BMR.


In terms of access, the NAS shares on the BMR server can be configured as either Private or Public. Public shares on the BMR server are accessible by anyone on the same network. Private shares, however, require user assignment for access.

Manage the access permission of a NAS share

To configure access permission of a network share,

  1. Sign in to the IDrive BMR server web interface.
  2. Navigate to the 'NAS Share' tab. All the network shares are displayed here.
  3. Find the required network share and click 'Configure Share Settings'.
  4. Go to the 'Manage Share Access' section.
  5. Configure the network share access as public or private. 

  6. In the case of private access, manage users assigned to the share in the 'Manage Share Users' section below.

User management for NAS shares

The BMR NAS feature lets you add users via their email address, for accessing private NAS shares. When adding a user, you are required to configure the account with a password for authorizing share access.

To add a user to BMR,

  1. Navigate to 'Settings' > 'Control Panel' > 'Users'.
  2. Click 'Add User'.
  3. Enter the name, email, and the required details and configure the user account with a password.
  4. Click 'Add'. The new user is created and listed in the ‘Users’ tab.

You can remove a user anytime by clicking corresponding to the user. 

You can edit the user’s email address and / or configure a new password at any time. To update the user details,

  1. Navigate to 'Settings' > 'Control Panel' > 'Users'.
  2. Click corresponding to the required user.
  3. Update the email address of the user and / or configure a new password.
  4. Click ‘Save’.

Access a NAS share across multiple protocols

IDrive BMR supports access and collaboration of NAS shares across SMB, AFP, NFS, and SFTP protocol. You can configure access to these network protocols in the 'Share Protocols' section while configuring the share.