Schedule cloud replication

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Configure the backup settings and schedule for cloud replication. 


The 'Cloud Replication Settings' section lets you adjust the various parameters related to backing up of backed-up physical machines / VMware servers. To view or change the cloud replication settings and schedule, navigate to ‘Cloud Replication’ > ‘Physical Machines’ / ‘VMware’ > ‘Cloud Replication Settings’.

Configure cloud replication settings and schedule

Set the following parameters in the 'Schedule Backup' section:

Select clients for manual backup: Select all or specific clients from the dropdown and click 'Backup Now' to perform an immediate backup.

Select clients to backup / Select ESXi/vCenter VMs for backup: In the 'Schedule Backup' section, select all or the specific physical machines / ESXi hosts / vCenter servers you want to backup to the cloud.

Scheduled backup time: Set the time at which the backup should start. Schedule backup as 'Daily' or select the days for backup.

Backup end-time: Use the drop-down options to configure a soft or hard cut-off for the end time. You may also choose to disable the option.

Note: Hard cut-off will terminate backup on the specified end time. For soft cut-off, the actual end time is dependent on the ongoing tasks that are in progress.

Bandwidth throttle: Set the local network bandwidth for backup in Mbps. By default, this value will be set to 100 Mbps.

Note: Bandwidth throttle value should be between 1-1000 Mbps.

You can read the summary of the scheduled backup in the 'Schedule summary' section. It displays information such as the clients selected for backup and the day and time of the next scheduled backup.