Cloud replication of physical machines

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Replicate the backups stored on your IDrive BMR device to your IDrive cloud account and stay protected against unexpected technical breakdown. You can also free up your storage space on the devices by transferring data to the cloud and choose to store only critical data on the BMR device.


Perform cloud replication of locally backed up data to your IDrive cloud account. Maintaining a secondary repository of your local image backup in the cloud serves as an extra layer of protection and enables easy data restore. You can optimize your cloud storage space by configuring your cloud data retention settings. You are provided with the necessary interface to schedule cloud replication and monitor the backup status through the BMR web console.

If you want to restore data from the cloud, place an order for the IDrive BMR Express device.

Perform immediate backup (of a physical machine) to the cloud

To initiate an immediate backup,

  1. Go to the ‘Cloud Replication’ page.
  2. Go to ‘Physical Machines’ > ‘Cloud Replication Settings’.
  3. Select the clients from the drop-down and click ‘Backup Now’.

    Alternatively, you may choose to schedule cloud replication.

Monitor ongoing cloud replication activities

Monitor the status of ongoing cloud replication operations in the 'Activities' section of the 'Cloud Replication' tab. Information such as hostname, drive selected for backup, recovery point, the amount of data transferred to the cloud, time taken for backup, Internet speed, and the estimated time for backup are displayed.

Status of completed cloud replication activities

You can view the status of your last backup from the 'Last Backup Log' section. This table displays information such as the client, recovery point, size, and summary of the last backup.

Encrypted cloud data transfer and storage

The data on the IDrive cloud is encrypted at-rest using AES 256 CCM. Additionally, the servers that store the BMR cloud data are well-protected from intrusion and attacks at the network level and with state-of-the-art facilities. During the cloud transmission, the data is encrypted with 128-bit SSL. 

Projected completion time for cloud replication

The time required for cloud replication is dependent on various factors such as the volume of the data being backed up, the network bandwidth between the on-site BMR device and IDrive cloud, and the ongoing BMR operations. You can set the Internet usage limit by adjusting the 'bandwidth throttle' value while scheduling. For fast bulk backups to the cloud, use the Cloud Seeding feature.

Schedule summary

The 'Schedule Summary' section displays a summary of the scheduled backups. Information such as computers selected for backup, day, and time of the next scheduled backup will be displayed.

To delete all upcoming scheduled backups, click 'Delete Schedule'.