Set up the IDrive BMR device

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Set up your IDrive BMR device and get started with onsite bare-metal disaster recovery.


Set up your IDrive BMR device and get started with onsite bare-metal disaster recovery. The detailed step-by-step instructions will help you install and start using the IDrive BMR device.

You will require the following items:

  • IDrive BMR device and AC power cable (included in the shipment)
  • Ethernet cable with RJ45 connector (not included in the shipment)

Unpack and inspect your shipment

Once you receive the BMR device and other hardware components, unbox and inspect it thoroughly for any damage that could have occurred during shipping.

The package will include:

  • The IDrive BMR device
  • A rack-mounting kit (6TB models and higher)
  • An AC power cable
  • A product information guide

Physical Installation

To set up the IDrive BMR device,

  1. Mount the device using the racking guide
    Note: This step is relevant only for 6 TB and higher models as they come with a rack-mount form factor.
  2. Connect the power cable and the Ethernet cable to any of the two RJ45 connectors at the back of the device to your network switch/router. The third RJ45 connector that is a bit further from the other two is for for IPMI access. Connecting an additional ethernet cable to this port is recommended but not required.
    Note: 4 TB models and below will only have 1 RJ45 ethernet port.
  3. Connect a monitor to the device and press the power button on the front panel to switch on the device.
  4. Once the device has completed the start-up process, the dashboard will be displayed automatically on the monitor along with the BMR device IP. Make a note of the IP address.
  5. Use the IP address to access the IDrive BMR's device web interface from any computer on the same local network, and get started with securing your data. Use 'support123' as the default password for the initial sign in.
  6. Once you set up your BMR device, you can initiate backups easily. Follow the backup instructions to add your physical machines and VMware servers and initiate a backup.
    Note: It is recommended that you change the default admin password once you log in. To update the admin password, click on ‘Admin’ in the top right corner of the dashboard, then click ‘Change Password’.
  7. You can also remotely manage your BMR device from any external network via Cloud Manage. Navigate to and sign in with your BMR cloud account credentials. Go to the 'Cloud Manage' tab and click 'Connect'. The device web interface is displayed via a remote access window.

Firewall details

Following network ports are to be used for IDrive BMR device, client devices, and Cloud Manage:

For IDrive BMR device





HTTP web interface



UDP broadcast for discovery


For client devices




UDP broadcasts for discovery


Commands and image backups

For cloud manage





UDP & TCP - Inbound/Outbound