Manually add physical machines for backup

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When the BMR device does not auto detect a physical machine in the network, you can add it manually and initiate backup.


The IDrive BMR device is designed to automatically detect and register physical machines that have the agent software installed. If the device has not detected your computer, you can add it manually with its IP address.

Manually add a physical machine to the BMR device

To add a physical machine manually, 

  1. On the ‘Dashboard’ tab, click ‘Add Client’.
  2. In the ‘Add client’ page, enter the IP address of the client to be added and click ‘Add Client’.

  3. Once the client is added manually, it will be displayed in the ‘Discover new client via IP’ section of the ‘Dashboard’ tab.

Note: If the device is unable to detect the client even after adding manually, contact the support team for further assistance. Make a note of the device's identity key on the 'Add client' page for the same. 

Remove a physical machine from the BMR device

To remove a physical machine from the BMR device,

  1. Go to ‘Dashboard’ > ‘Physical Machines’.
  2. Click corresponding to the computer name and select 'Remove Client' from the drop-down menu.

  3. Click 'OK' in the confirmation window.
  4. The selected computer will be removed during the scheduled cleanup operation performed by the IDrive BMR device. However, if you want to retain the computer on the device, click 'Stop removing client' within the cleanup operation.

Note: Before you delete a physical machine from the BMR device, we recommend you to uninstall the agent software from the machine and then remove it. If you remove the machine without uninstalling the agent software, the device will detect the agent and again add the machine to the device.