Configure advanced and cleanup settings for physical machines

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Configure system-wide backup and cleanup parameters for the device.


The 'Advanced Settings' screen lets you configure the device-wide settings related to physical machine backup. The ‘Cleanup Settings’ screen provides options for optimizing your local storage space via cleanup of old and incomplete backups. To view or change these settings, go to ‘Dashboard’ >  'Physical Machines' and click ‘Advanced Settings’ or 'Cleanup Settings'.

Configure advanced settings for physical machines backup

Navigate to 'Dashboard' > 'Physical Machines' > 'Advanced Settings' to manage settings related to network utilization via the IDrive BMR device interface. Here, configure the following advanced settings:

Max simultaneous backups - You can schedule the simultaneous backup of multiple physical machines via the BMR device. However, the higher the number of simultaneous backups, the longer the time required to complete the backups. By setting the 'Max simultaneous backups' according to your network speed and ongoing operations, you can control the network bandwidth usage and ensure timely completion of backup operations. 

Max recently active clients - 'Max recently active clients' helps you manage your local storage space by setting a limit on the number of active clients, for adding a new client to the device.

  • The 'Max recently active clients' limit is applicable only when adding a new client. Even if one or more inactive clients turn online and the limit is exceeded, the backup operations will continue as usual.
  • A client that has been offline for longer than 2 months is considered inactive.

Max local network backup speed - Select the 'Don’t Limit' radio button to allow unrestricted network bandwidth for backups. In case the backups are scheduled during daily operations, you can use the 'Limit To' radio button and set the local network bandwidth for backup. 

Configure cleanup settings for backup and storage cleanup

The cleanup settings parameters and how to use them:

Global soft filesystem quota - Specify the 'Global soft filesystem quota' or the storage utilization limit upon reaching which the device will temporarily freeze all operations and redirect to cleanup.

Cleanup time window - Schedule the cleanup of old and incomplete backups in the BMR device under the 'Cleanup time window' section. The device will delete these based on your backup retention settings. You can schedule cleanups as ‘Daily’ or on ‘Weekdays’ or ‘Weekends’. You can also select 'Custom' and select the days and hours for cleanup.

Note: You can also perform a manual cleanup at any time.