Configure backup settings and schedule for physical machines

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Custom-set your global, client, and group backup schedule and settings to suit your requirement.


The 'Backup settings' screen lets you adjust the various parameters related to backing up of physical machines. To view or change the backup settings (or schedule), go to ‘Dashboard’ >  'Physical Machines' and click 'Backup Settings'. 

You can also click corresponding to a physical machine to view and manage the backup settings.

Configure backup settings and schedule for physical machines

Use the 'Select backup category' dropdown at the top of the screen to view and edit global, client, and group backup settings.

  • Global settings apply to all clients that are not a part of a group (including any newly added machine that is not assigned to a group).
  • The backup settings applied to a group will also apply to the associated client machines. In case you want to configure a client’s backup setting differently, you will need to remove the client from the group.

The backup setting parameters and how to use them:

Set backup interval - The backup interval is the interval between two consecutive backups of a physical machine. Depending on how often you want your machine to be backed up, you can assign the number of hours or days.

Max backup speed - Select the 'Don’t Limit' radio button to allow unrestricted network bandwidth for backups. In case the backups are scheduled during daily operations, you can use the 'Limit To' radio button and set the local network bandwidth for backup in MBit/s.

Volumes - You can choose to backup 'All' volumes of your client machines or select ‘Custom’ and specify the drives for backup, separated by commas. C: Drive is considered for backup by default and therefore does not need to be specified.

Note: Take care to specify the correct volumes for backup, especially when modifying global settings for backup. If volumes that do not exist are specified, the backup will fail.

Backup retention settings - The 'Backup retention settings' slider allows you to optimize your local storage space utilization. It lets you set the minimum and the maximum number of image backups the device should retain for a physical machine. The old and incomplete backups are removed during the cleanup operation.

Schedule backup - Schedule backups as 'Daily', on 'Weekdays', or on 'Weekends'. You can also select 'Custom' and select the days for backup. Also, set the 'Start Time' and 'End Time' for backups. 

Note: Here, the 'Start Time' and 'End Time' is a soft cut-off. The actual start time is dependent on the backup pipeline and the actual end time is dependent on the ongoing tasks that are in progress.

Force full image backup - By default, the first backup of a machine is a full backup and the consecutive ones are incremental. You can select the 'Force a full image backup after every _' checkbox and select the interval for forcing a full image backup. 

  • Periodic forced full backups are recommended to avoid loss of data due to a corrupted full backup in the chain.
  • The first image backup that is initiated on the BMR device is always a full image backup. If you force a full image backup the second time, a synthetic full backup is performed to save time and storage space.