Backup your physical machines

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Find out how you can perform a full image backup, and learn to schedule incremental backups and enforce full backups. 


IDrive BMR allows you to perform bare-metal backup of your physical machines. The first backup that is initiated on the BMR device is always a full image backup and consecutive backups are incremental. For incremental backup, the Changed Block Tracking driver is used to identify the changed blocks of data for backup. You can also force a full backup at any time.

First-time backup of a physical machine

Download and install the BMR backup agent on the physical machine to enable its detection by the device. Upon completing the installation, the device detects the client automatically and initiates a full image backup for the first time as per the schedule specified in your ‘Backup Settings’. Subsequent incremental backups too will be performed as per the schedule. 

  1. By default, the backup schedule is set from 6:00 PM to 7:00 AM. You can edit this schedule as required.
  2. The first image backup that is initiated on the BMR device is always a full image backup. If you force a full image backup the second time, a synthetic full backup is performed to save time and storage space.

Read the articles on backup settings and global server settings to learn how to schedule and manage the backup operations. 

Manually initiate a backup: Incremental or full image

To manually initiate a backup, click displayed on the LHS of the computer name and select either 'Backup' or 'Force Full Backup' from the drop-down menu to start the backup.

Troubleshooting: the BMR device report says ‘Server rejected’ for a client computer

Due to security concerns, the backup agent will allow only one BMR device to identify it. If more than one device tries to detect the agent software, the process will fail and the device will report this message. 

If there are multiple BMR devices on the network and you want to add your computer to a specific device, uninstall the backup agent and reinstall it. During the reinstallation, you will be prompted to specify the BMR device. Here, select ‘Yes’ and specify the BMR device IP.